Today in Tha Wire Hip Hop remembers rap pioneer Big Hank and someone is trying to sell a sextape featuring Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond.

Sugar Hill Gang (L-R) Sugar Hill Gang members Big Bank Hank, Master Gee, and Wonder Mike - Getty Images

Hip-hop suffered another major loss, TMZ reported this morning that Henry Jackson better known as Big Bank Hank of the legendary Sugar Hill Gang has passed away.  Hank, died early Tuesday morning (Nov. 11th) in Englewood, New Jersey of complications from cancer, he was 57.

Nearly 35-years old he, his fellow member Master Gee and Wonder Mike brought Hip Hop to mainstream with their iconic “Rapper’s Delight” in 1972.

CNN reports upon hearing the tragic news, Wonder Mike and Master Gee issued a statement Tuesday:

"So sad to hear about our brother's passing. The 3 of us created musical history together with the release of Rapper's Delight. We will always remember traveling the world together and rocking the house. Rest in peace Big Bank."

Back in the day, the unknown MC’s were just a group of friends trying to catch a lucky break.  Thanks to the lake Sylvia Robinson, they got just that when she recruited them to record the song for her new rap label, Sugar Hill.   The rest is history as they say... “Rapper’s Delight” would not only give birth to Hip Hop, but go on to sell 10 million copies.

R.I.P Big Bank Hank, we will miss you.

Usher-Getty Images

Finally, AllHipHop reports there’s a sex tape being shopped around, featuring Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond.   The person trying to get a deal, could very well be the thief who stole it out of the singers car back in the 2010.

A few years ago, someone broke into Usher’s car and stole a $1 million worth of jewelry, two video cameras and two laptops. The sex tape was actually housed on on of the laptops.  The thief tried to sell the tape to major adult film companies right after he stole the goods, but none of them would touch it because they knew Usher would never agree to it.

Now it's being reported that someone has been trying to pitch the tape again.  Find out what their doing different this time.  Plus, learn what Usher's lawyer has to say about all of this.  Listen to Tha Wire now for more details.