Today in Tha Wire my man Kevin Hart is going it through it right now. As previously reported, the superstar got himself caught-up in a crazy sex scandal. A female he supposedly had a sexual encounter with, is trying to extort $500K from him. Unbenounced to him their booty call was filmed and now the woman is threatening to release it if he doesn't pay up.

TMZ reported Hart hooked up with a few woman in a Vegas hotel sometime in August, and the sex tape was allegedly made at that time.. What's really bad about this whole this is his wife, Eniko Parrish Hart is nearly 8 months pregnant. If that's not bad enough, the alleged orgie went down on her birthday.

AllHipHop reports the woman pictured in the video above, has been identified. Turns out she's a "traveling stripper!" Who knew there was such a thing? Well there is! Girlfriend's name is Montia Sabbag, and she apparently makes her coin traveling city to city to dance at strip clubs. According to, Sabbag and a group of friends met up with Hart at the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel. Once there they partied, did drugs and engaged in group sex.

Though Sabbag admits to the sexual encounter, she is denying being part of trying to blackmail the star. She also claims to of had no part in filming a sex tape. At this point it's unclear if the stipper knows who's behind the scheme, or if she disclosed that info to authorities. That I guess we'll learn in the coming days, as this is a developing story.

In the meantime, K Hart may have been caught cheating again, but ain't about to be punked out of his money. This is the main reason he came clean, and put the news out himself. On that, I don't blame him. If the story is coming out, he might as well be the one to tell it. He also alerted authorities that someone was trying to extort money from him. So now there is a full fledged investigation going on. AllHipHop reports the FBI is involved, and currently hunting down the person/person's involved in the plot.

That pretty much were the situation stands. As more details become available, I'll keep you in the know. For all things entertainment, catch Tha Wire for the scoop on The People's Station 107 Jamz.


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