How do you mentally prepare for a 1700+ mile road trip? To further put it into perspective, that's a roughly 25-hour drive. I've known I had to make this drive for some time now, and I have yet to figure out how I'm going to get through it.

It's hard to be positive about making a trip across the United States, specifically to the west coast. It's especially hard when you're trying your best to be positive about it and your family and friends make faces as the rapper and Wild n' Out star Conceited did during a rap battle that's since become a popular meme.

They say things like "Texas is a small country", or "it's going to take a whole day to drive through Texas, good luck". Thanks, that makes me feel so much better knowing that my entire Saturday will be spent inside the cab of a U-Haul driving across the one state I've visited more than any other, but have yet to completely explore. 

Texas welcome sign

On the brighter side, I won't be driving alone. It won't be a bad trip, just a very long trip is all. Trust, I'm speaking for all parties involved when I say we aren't looking forward to the drive, but we'll do our best to make it an adventure and try not to kill each other from the onset of cabin fever.

Now that I've finished complaining about the inevitable, if you don't mind, pray for our safety and our sanity! Also, follow my Instagram as I document our trip along the way! I'll return to #ThaChillFactory on Monday, December 10, so "P.O.P., Hold it Down" until I get back.

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