Taking it back to 2004 when I was just 27 days shy of one year, since I decided to embark on my current radio career. That very month Lil Wayne released the Mannie Fresh produced smash hit, 'Go Dj.' 

'Go DJ' was the second single from Weezy's fourth studio album, 'Tha Carter'

Of course anyone from the the Gulf Coast knows the controversy surrounding this song considering it presumably took the title of the original song of the same name by New Orleans based rap duo UNLV. The duo who I happen to know personally, but have yet to ask about the controversy that surrounded the song title and it's very similar hook.

Anyway, let's go back in time for a few and reminisce on a classic. Though I'm not the biggest Lil Wayne fan, I still have my favorite songs by the guy, so don't worry I'm not anti-Weezy, you don't have to blast me for my taste in music.

Here's the classic video for the song that DJ's across the country will continue to play and have dance floors packed with people chanting, 'Go DJ! That's my DJ!'

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