This is kind of like when I used to post the WSHH Vine Compilations each week, but since Vine no longer exists, the compilations aren't the same. So, here are several videos that were on my radar from the past week.

This week there was a shocking police chase, a dumb shoplifter, an angry pyromaniac without an invite, an out of line McDonalds customer getting a beat down by workers, a police officer with an act of kindness, and a kid fighting a pitbull, of which I didn't find funny. It's all here and then some in my personal "Top 10" viral videos of the week, via WorldStarHipHop.

  • 1

    Alabama Fan Gets Setup By His LSU Loving Wife

  • 2

    Popeyes Shuts Down Detroit Location After Viral Video Reports Roaches & Unsanitary Conditions

  • 3

    Dumbest Shoplifter Ever

  • 4

    Woman Ejected after South Carolina Police Officer Ends Chase with Pit Maneuver

  • 5

    "In My Feelings" Challenge Goes Wrong

  • 6

    Nashville Woman Sets House on Fire Because She Wasn't Invited to a Party

  • 7

    Customers Gets Beat Down by McDonalds Workers

  • 8

    Florida Police Officer Helps Homeless Man Shave for McDonalds Interview

  • 9

    Grim Reaper Overtakes Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco!

  • 10

    Kid Fights Pitbull

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