You know that Lake Charles is most definitely my home, but before I was a fellow Louisianian, I was a Mississippi Boy and it really makes me proud to see one of the homies make it. Big K.R.I.T which is the acronym for "King Remembered in Time", has really been making it happen from dropping classic mix-tapes to finally releasing his full length debut Live from the Underground. He is making major noise and killing the hip hop scene right now. He gets major props from Wale, Big Sean, Mac Miller and so many of his peers who lit up twitter when he released his first ever album on June 5th.

Live From The Underground debuted at number one on the hip hop albums charts and has maintained there for the past few days. Many hip hop fans compare him to the swag of the late Pimp C, since he raps, produces and really has a different flavor then whats out now. If you are looking for something fresh, then Big K.R.I.T is giving it to you, all you have to do is go and get it! Check out the newest video shot in my hometown of Meridian "I Got This"!


Big K.R.I.T- I Got This:

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