Big Sean preforms a plethora of hits at the 2017 BET Awards. The former XXL Freshman tore down the stage, performing "Sacrifices," "Bounce Back" and "Moves." The Detrioit native did his thing while rapping onstage. He even gave a shout out to Tee Grizzley, a fellow Detroit spitter who's currently having a breakout year.

Sean is currently in a bit of a controversy right now. Big Sean is featured on DJ Khaled‘s newly-released Grateful album. On the 23-track project, many fans are saying that Sean Don's verse on “On Everything" is directed at Kendrick Lamar.

On his hardcore verse, the I Decided rapper seems to send subliminal references to Lamar. “Boy, I’m a Caesar, I see shit and seize it/Roc-A-Fella chain, but you can still get Ethered/Yeah, they don’t really fucking feel me man, but when you really run it they try and clip your Achilles/I’m on track to a billi’, I got Khaled fuckin’ with me/That mean I got the Holy Key and got the key to the city,” Sean raps on his verse.

Check out the performance by Big Sean below.

Twitter Thinks Big Sean Disses Kendrick Lamar on DJ Khaled's New Album Grateful

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