Yesterday, as rappers were displaying their latest rides and reality television had many captivated, there was a bill that passed through the House with overwhelming numbers of 72-28. This bill states that adults 21 and older can carry a concealed handgun without a permit in Louisiana.

One thing I know about people in Louisiana is they love their firearms. There are plenty of hunters in many of the parishes, and some people are just collectors with a wide range of ammo. However, I feel like if this bill is made law, we could really see some major problems. One of my biggest concerns is the fact that people don't really fight anymore. I am not pushing for violence of any kind, but I come from the old school where usually a fistfight would resolve a problem and you may be friends after it's all over with.

While there is truly no age on maturity, I feel like if you give a green light for anyone to carry a concealed firearm without a permit, it could be a catastrophe in the making. This bill would remove the requirements of taking a concealed carry class and then providing fingerprints and information to the state.

Again, I have no issues with people's rights, and we all should safely have a right to bear arms. However, we need to have responsibility with this and in my heart, I feel like this is going to do more harm than help, especially in situations that could possibly be resolved without violence.

Governor Edwards has previously said he would likely veto similar bills once they reach his desk.

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