For the last few years boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and rapper 50 Cent have been the best of friends. 

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The two had developed such a close friendship, they decided to go into business together launching a boxing promotions company called The Money Team Promotions.  Everything was all good for a well and then out of now where the bottom fell out.

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Fif claims that prison "changed" Floyd, sighting that Floyd started trippin ounce he was released.  Ever since then, the beef between the two has been escalating.  Over the weekend things really got turned up as the two began taking shots at one another on Twitter.

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That being said the differences between the two is definitely over business and now 50 is saying he is done with the whole Money Team Promotions thing.  But he isn't exactly done with boxing promotions.  As a matter of fact, to add fuel to the fire 50 is creating a new promotion company with his former hommies rival, Manny Pacquaio.  It looks like it's official too, because Manny's business manager Michael Konez confirmed the news.

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With all the drama between the two former friends, billionaire Alki David and his partner Damon Feldman of Celebrity Boxing are offering the two $5 million to settle their beef in the ring.  If it goes down, Mr. David said he would make it safe having the two fight in three 2-minute rounds in head-gear, along with big celebrity boxing gloves.  The proposed fight  would take place December 14th in Las Vegas.  Best of all, we'd all get a chance to see it because it would air on and, ventures that Mr. David owns or is an investor in.

So, far neither Floyd nor 50 Cent have responded to the offer.