It's been almost a week since the fight with Mayweather and Pacquiao and people are still talking about who should have won or lost. The fact of the matter is Mayweather won the fight and unless they have a rematch we have to live with that.


Well the past few days have given us even more insight as to some behind the scenes drama over the fight. The word is now that Manny had a shoulder injury that he decided to not disclose to the proper people. Of course when this hit, you can believe that people were in an uproar about it and two guys in particular are so upset that they are filing a lawsuit.

$5 Million Dollar Lawsuit Filed Over Mayweather Fight:

This is kinda funny, but I can understand where the fans are coming from. I guess the only thing about it is if this one is passed through. I am sure there will be more lawsuits coming in the near future. We can only imagine the people who bought tickets and of course all of the viewers who ordered the Pay Per View. I guess the big question is would you actually pay to see this fight again if they were to announce a rematch.

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