Birdman recently sat down with ESPN's Cari Champion on her Be Honest podcast, and the two discussed the Cash Money boss' frayed relationship with longtime artist Lil Wayne, who has been expressing disdain toward his former mentor and label over the hold placed on his album Tha Carter V.

"I'ma heal that. He’s still my son. I don’t like how a lot of this shit went down, definitely don’t like a lot of shit he had said, but at the end of the day, I would never in my life say nothing negative about him," Birdman says in the above clip. "I wouldn’t be a man if I can say somebody is my son and I can speak down on him. That’s not a man. I look at him as my son and I won’t finish the game without Wayne. Even if he stay with me or go do whatever he want to do. I respect him as a son. I'ma fix it. Whatever happens after that, we gon' let it be."

In late July, Wayne was seen wearing a hat that read "Fuck Cash Money," and in April, settlement talks between the two parties with regard to Wayne's $51 million lawsuit broke down completely.

"It’s something I’m gonna do," Birdman says of repairing their relationship. "A lot of shit going on. And we definitely talking, as far as his end and my end. That’s a goal for me in this game. I said I wanted to finish the game when I started and Wayne’s somebody I really would like to finish the game with, even if we finish with respect of him still being my son. That mean more to me than the money and the music. I don’t give a fuck about none of that, I care more about our relationship and that’s what I want to heal."

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