I always love to talk about hip hop and one of the most memorable artist that I remember from the late 80's was Biz Markie. I have his greatest hits on my I-Pod and love to hear great hip hop and to get a small laugh then he is the one that I love to listen to.

Biz is currenty known now for deejaying parties, but he still has the chops to do music and keep the party rocking. Apparently he has got a nice endorsement from the good folks at Lucky Charms and used his classic song "Just A Friend" Check out the clip of the commercial and see if the Diabolical one still has it.

Biz Markie Sets It Off Lucky Charms Style:

All of my true hip hop fans can be looking out for Biz Markie as he is touring as well as Deejaying various sets around the world. You may also want to grab a copy of his greatest hits just to take a trip down memory lane with "Just A Friend", "Spring Again", "Pickin Boogers" and more.


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