It's hard to believe, but Thursday (March 23) marked 13 years since Usher's LP Confessions came out, which spawned many imitators and set a bar for other R&B artists to follow. One person in particular who was inspired by the 2004 album is BJ The Chicago Kid, who just released a project called A Tribute to Confessions. If you didn't know--the Midwesterner used to sing back up for the Atlanta crooner back in the day.

As far as the EP, it's comprised of three covers. First, the title cut. Then "Simple Things and a "Can U Handle It/Superstar" mashup, which works on all levels.

Although BJ's new release may come as a surprise to some, his love for Usher isn't, and he's spoken about him many times before.

"When I rocked with Usher for the first time, it was during the Confession phase," he told Peter Rosenberg in 2014. "I wouldn't have picked no better time, man. I learned a lot rocking with everybody that I rocked with, definitely from Ush."

You can stream BJ's A Tribute to Confessions above this story.

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