Pusha-T and Kanye West caused a minor controversy when they decided to use a picture of Whitney Houston's drug-filled bathroom for the Daytona album cover. After some backlash from the late singer's family, her former husband, Bobby Brown, is ready to slap Kanye for the cover.

Speaking with Rolling Stone on Wednesday (May 30), Brown said he was disgusted by the album's artwork. "Why would he post that on his album cover? That's really disgusting that he would do that," Brown said. After saying the cover was in bad taste, Brown threatened Yeezy, and said that he needs to be slapped.

“That’s in really bad taste. Something should happen to Kanye. He’s already crazy. I knew that when I first met him," Brown continued. "Now he’s pushing the bar a little bit. He needs somebody to slap him up or something. And I’m just the person to do it.”

Daytona isn't the first time the photo was seen by the public. In 2006, the National Enquirer featured the photo in its publication after a family member of Houston secretly snapped the picture. Kanye eventually obtained the photo for Pusha's album, reportedly paying $85,000 for the picture.

“I’ve watched the train wreck happening, but I didn’t think he’d go this far in invading someone’s family privacy," Damon Elliott, Houston's cousin said. “To do something for a publicity stunt to sell records, it’s absolutely disgusting. It hurt my family and my daughter. It’s petty. It’s tacky.”

While Kanye did pay the large amount of money to license the photo, it's uncertain who the Chicago rapper paid.

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