The dust has settled after Pusha T came through and drop mad drama to Drake. Honestly as an OG hip hop head, this is good for the culture. Is it the best of all time? Probably not but it makes for good entertainment.

Over the weekend Pusha T dropped the "Daytona" album and released his track called "Infared", it called out Drake again for the ghost writing and the label as well. Then immediately that night Drake came back with one over the weekend called "Duffy". The new jacks counted Pusha T out especially when he didn't immediately respond. Well last night all bets were off. He dropped 'The Story Of Adidon". He went everywhere from talking about Drakes dad, mother and even allegedly his baby mother as well.

The Twittersphere went into overdrive. There were many who said this was the best of all time and then there was were some who were equally as unimpressed as well. Pusha called The Breakfast Club to talk about the situation and said that all bets are off.


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