Artists often rap about being as fly as an airplane, but rarely are they actually hit with a flying vehicle. During a concert in San Bernardino, Calif., Flesh-n-Bone of Bone Thug-N-Harmony was hit by a drone onstage.

In the brief clip, you can see the soaring metal object fly toward the stage and hit Flesh-n-Bone in the face. He flinches for a second, but seems pretty much unfazed and immediately gets back to rapping. Respect! In other drone/rap-related news, Ghostface Killah recently performed at Mountain Dew's Day of Drones. The event’s purpose was to inform guests about drone racing and the potential growth the industry has. The sport is small but has a lot of room to expand.

Flesh-n-Bone celebrated his 43rd birthday on June 10. Flesh-n-Bone dropped his first solo album, T.H.U.G.S. (Trues Humbly United Gatherin’ Souls), in November 1996. Flesh-n-Bone also started his own record label, Flesh Bone Incorporated, to obtain more creative control and manage artists he saw promise in. In 1999, Flesh-n-Bone dropped From Cleveland 2 Cali compilation album to introduce rappers signed to his label, followed by Cleveland 2 Cali: Day 2 in 2000.

In case you missed it, listen to Flatbush Zombies' track "Glorious Thugs," an ode to Bone Thugs, which dropped back in January. Juice, Meech and Erick Arc Elliott each take turns spitting in the same style as Wish, Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzie and Flesh as the crew essentially give us a 2016 version of “Notorious Thugs.”

You can view the video of the drone hitting Flesh-n-Bone, obtained by TMZ, above.

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