Boosie BadAzz is once again in some legal trouble.

On Thursday (April 12), The Blast reported that an Edgewater Mall security guard in Mississippi has sued the Baton Rouge, La. rapper for assault and battery after Boosie and his crew allegedly attacked him a year ago.

According to sources, the security guard, a man named Glen Kerley, was in the shopping center's Dillard's Department store at the time of Boosie's alleged attack in April 2017. Kerley says Boosie and his group of associates attempted to enter Dillard's after they were officially told to leave the mall. Court documents detail that the rapper attempted to provoke Kerley to attack him.

The legal docs purport that from there, Kerley pepper sprayed Boosie in order to de-escalate the confrontation. After the spray hit Boosie in his eyes, Kerley says the rapper and his crew began to viciously assault him and that he didn't fight back.

Eventually, the doc reports, Boosie and his friends were successfully forced outside. Once Kerley tried to arrest him, the docs report, the rapper struck him to the ground and began repeatedly kicking him. Eventually, he was even dragged him across the cement outside of the mall. His injuries required him to be taken to the hospital.

On the website, we can see images of Kerley with a neck brace and what appear to be red fist marks on his face. The date for the photo isn't listed.

Kerley has also included charges like civil conspiracy and negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress to go along with assault and battery. The terms of the lawsuit weren't disclosed.

In an interesting note, Boosie actually filed his own lawsuit against the Biloxi, Miss.-based mall, the town's police department and Dillard’s because he was pepper sprayed. He filed that suit on March 27.

You can see video of Boosie getting pepper sprayed below. Peep his video for "America's Most Wanted" when you're done.

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