Boosie BadAzz never has a dull moment during his Instagram Live sessions.

Yesterday (April 29), the Baton Rouge, La. rapper went live on IG and got not one but two women to flash their bare chests. During one session while Boosie was getting a haircut, a woman showed him her breasts while she was driving her car.

Then, in a separate IG Live, another woman did it in bed as she tried to remind the rapper how they met and hung out in Detroit previously. After she admitted that they had sex, Boosie instantly ended the call before she shared any more details.

"Oh shit, let me get offline before you exposing-- oh no, oh no," Boosie said before ending their Live. "I don't know what you talking about. You said sucked my shit, and you trying to tell people you sucked -- uh uh."

By this time he hung up with her, the Internet was already set ablaze with scenes from Boosie's NSFW Instagram Live sessions. Fans found it hilarious that the rapper got women to get naked for him on social media—for free.

"So Boosie has everybody auntie getting naked on IG Live I don’t know if some of em realize ppl can screen record that shit‍. I’m fucking dying at his commentary tho," one Twitter user said.

Reality hit the rapper hard when he tried to go live with one of his female fans. Instead, he accidentally picked an IG handle that ended up being a pre-teen boy. After the young man made it clear he couldn't contain his excitement about going live with the veteran rapper, Boosie nearly choked on his blunt when he realized he went live with a young male fan.

"Oh it's a kid. Oh my fucking god!" Boosie exclaimed as the smoke covered his face. "Fuck... block the little kids man. You gotta block the little kids. I be having too much shit on my live. Block 'em."

Watch Boosie's interaction with a young fan and see what fans had to say about his wild IG Live sessions below.

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