Today in Tha Wir,e Boosie Badazz has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the mall cop who pepper sprayed his niece in a Biloxi mall this summer. The rap star was in Mississippi headlining the Biloxi Black Beach Week concert series. He was traveling with his family and a small entourage of security and friends. He and his crew decided to stop off at the Edgewater Mall to shop before the show. That turned out to be a mistake.

The mall cop turned out to be an off-duty Biloxi Police Officer. Needless to say, he was obviously ignorant to who Boosie was when approached the rap legend and his entourage. As described by the star himself, the Biloxi Officer was way out of line, and overly aggressive for no reason. Boosie says he ran up on them as they walked through the mall and began shouting racial slurs, demanding they leave immediately. Here, the Baton Rouge superstar explains how things went down in his own words:

Oh, yeah. That's right. The cop wasn't satisfied with spraying the star and his pregnant niece. He continued to follow them outside shouting more derogatory insults, and tried to spray everyone again. That's when the star's security stepped in, and a brief scuffle between them and the cop took place. As previously reported, the harassment didn't stop there. When Boosie and his people finally got in their vehicle and exited the mall parking lot, they were pulled over by Biloxi Police. As previously reported, a few of his guys went to jail, and their van was impounded. This is when his jewelry disappeared. That's a whole other story, but Biloxi Police wound up admitting they stole the jewelry!

Fast forward, and Boosie's niece wound up being hospitalized after the pepper spraying incident. He was right, they really don't know who they were **ckin with. This week, AllHipHop reports the star filed suit against the Biloxi officer. Shortly after the April 9th incident, Boosie's niece started having contractions, and gave premature birth to her twins. Both babies were born with complications. They reportedly suffered cardiac, respiratory, and a host of other issues directly related to the poisonous spray.

It's on! The rap superstar is suing for an unspecified amount in damages for negligence, liability, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. I'll keep you posted as this story continues to unfold. Keeping you in the know, catch Tha Wire daily on The People's Station 107 Jamz.

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