Brat Pit and Angelina Jolie are going through the motions of dividing their financials and many properties. One nice piece of real estate is a mansion in New Orleans, LA. The famous couple purchased the Nola crib in the French Quarter in 2007 for $3.5 million.

Recently, the property sold for $4.9, so they made a nice little profit in the process. The historic French Quarter mansion is located on Governor Nicholls Street and was built in 1828. With 7,703 square feet of living space, there's plenty of room to through a good ol' Nola shin-dig!

Brad and Angelina have six children so, the mansion also provided the necessary living space they needed with seven bedrooms, five full bathrooms, and two half-baths. This will be the second time the movie stars

Brad Pitt
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

According to WGNO New Orleans, the movie star duo bought the home shortly after Hurricane Katrina in 2006 to serve as a base for their Make it Right Foundation. Here are even more details about their pending divorce and what property is going to be sold off next.

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