Social media exploded last night as someone posted on Facebook a video of a huge fight that broke out at the Golden Nugget In Lake Charles in the hallway by the Blue Martini.

The brawl broke out between several people and in the video, you will see the mayhem that ensued as a huge crowd gathered as the fight went down.

We looked at the comments under the video and from what people were saying, the incident occurred this past Sunday evening in front of the Blue Martini inside the Golden Nugget.

As we read the comments under the video, people were commenting about the fight asking where security was or why can't we just be able to go out and have fun without any drama.

Another comment we saw was referring to a few weeks back when a similar big fight broke out in Lake Charles at Petro Bowl in South Lake Charles that was also caught on video.

Here is the fight that was caught on video and posted on Facebook which has already gone viral around Southwest Louisiana has over 450 shares on Facebook.

As you saw in the video, it was complete chaos.  Another Facebook user said, "And that’s exactly why we have nothing to do in this city already!"

Another Facebook user said, "People can't enjoy themselves anywhere anymore without someone acting the plum fool SMH!!".

We are not sure if the police were called and if any of the participants were arrested.

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