To me getting married was one of the best things I decided to do. Although society doesn't celebrate it like they are suppose to, it's still a great thing if you can find someone that you truly love. Obviously this guy thought he had the right one and then decided to be a no show. A young man had proposed to his fiance and the wedding was all set to go. A few days before the wedding, the groom got cold feet and left the brides family with a helfty bill.

Well although this was very dramatic to the bride, the parents decided to not let all of the expensive taste go down the drain and decided to recoup some of what was spent. Of course that doesn't mean getting their money back, but by giving back to the community. They open the facility that the wedding was going to be in to over 100 homeless people and decided to feed them the food that was going to be served at the reception. Check out the heartwarming story and see for yourself.

When I saw this story, I automatically felt bad for the bride because this was going to be her special day. I have to admit I also felt a little animosity towards the groom with the cold feet. But after I thought about it, what the family did took major courage and backbone. Some people would have taken a loss, but what they did was highly commendable and I am sure that those who were able to be in attendance felt that to the core.

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