Talk about a long time coming. Folks living in rural areas of the state, can look forward to stepping into the 21st century, finally getting broadband communication and technology. It doesn't seem like much but for a family living in the outskirts with no access to theses capabilities, this is wonderful news.

The broadband coming to more than 176,000 rural Louisiana households is being made possible through the FCC's Rural Digital Opportunity Fund. Louisiana Representative Mike Johnson said of the federal project, more than $342 million has been invested into expanding broadband to rural areas of the state. This is going to be a huge undertaking and will take roughly 10 years to complete.

Johnson told the local news in a recent interview, that breaking the digital divide for rural Louisianians is important. In addition to having the convenience of the internet, news, e-commerce and telehealth visits, children will have access online education opportunities. For more information about the Rural Opportunity Fund, when and where the project will begin see the news story HERE.

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