I remember one time when I was a little younger and one of my brothers saw me get in trouble. Now if you don't have an older sibling then you have no idea of how miserable and sometimes fun it can be. Well this was one of those times where it wasn't to good of a situation for me. I got in trouble for doing something that my mom told me not to and wouldn't you know it, he happened to see me get in trouble.

Not long after that he heckled me about it for the rest of the day. Now some have siblings that are a couple of years older, but imagine having one about 20 years older then you. My grandmother came to my rescue and told him to stop, but it didn't last long. Those were the days and man I don't miss them. Anyway when I saw this video I couldn't help but to remember those days. Apparently this young lady got her phone taken away and her brother decided to get on her nerve.


Did he take it to far or is that what you should expect when you have a sibling who wants to tease you? Some would say that this just means that they love you alot. Well I have to say with love like that. They could have kept it from me.

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