For artist all over that consider themselves to be such, in New Orleans this past weekend (Nov 4th-6th) was the weekend to be there. This was the annual B.U.M Go Dj Music Conference and being a member myself, I felt it only right to share some of the weekend memories! Also shouts out to my brothers Go Dj Big Boy Chill and Go Mc Magic Mike who helped me light the city up!








The B.U.M was a big event that kicked off on Friday night and finished on Sunday, right before the game I may add. The conference itself was held at The World Famous Hookah Bar. Artist had a chance to showcase their skills on the stage in front of various Go Djs from Louisiana to Texas.












There were several honorees this year including the world famous Dj Ro, Hollyhood Bay Bay and more. Here is Bay Bay making a great appreciation speech!!






Now of course music is our thing, but we actually are a family as you can see in this picture. We are surrounded by the infamous Go Models, who always turn it out for every event and occasion. They definately represented for the B.U.M this past weekend!!!






Hanging out with my boss (Left) Go Dj Black n Mild, and (Right) Dj Ro.. check him out in New Orleans on Q-93 Going in on them turntables!!!







Go Dj Big Boy Chill (Left) and Hollyhoood Bay Bay(Right)










After the party it's the afterparty and this was no difference. After the conference, everyone checked out the LSU game and came back for a victorious party at The Hookah!!






Erik Tee(Left) and Lejoan Williams(Right) manager of Dj Ro and President of Dream Management







Magic Mike(Left), Treal Lee, Erik Tee and Prince Rick(right)..Yep they walked around the club and had a great time. We took the guys out to Bourbon Street, but I refuse to release those photos!!








There was alot going on and we had alot of fun. Of course in New Orleans you can't help but to have a great time. Shouts out to the entire GO DJ fam world wide and we look forward to next Govember and doing it again!