Being in radio the one thing I know about is wars. We all have them when it comes to my business. Every now and then we have to show the competition who is the boss when it comes to what we do. The war between hamburgers has always been between Mcdonalds and Burger King. Even though you have so many others out there offering burgers including Wendy's, but I think Burger King has taken it to another level.

I don't know the exact location, but Burger King decided to dress as Mcdonald's and took it to another level. Now I don't know how the situation will work when it comes to lawsuits of any kind. But you have to admit that this is kinda funny when it comes down to it. Check out the video that has gone viral with the Burger King shot.

Sometime you just have to go all out when it comes down to showing who's number one and these guys have it down to a science. You can tell from those who are taking pictures that this was a sight to see in the area. What would happen if we decided to do something like that.

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