I remember a few years ago where Burger King in Lake Charles was in the news for a dispute between one of the employees and a customer that not only hit regionally but nationally. It seemed to spawn a downfall of interactions with customers and businesses around the world. Recently, there was a Burger King in Lincoln Nebraska where all of the employees and General Manager resigned. They left a nice note on the billboard where it said We All Quit, Sorry for the inconvenience. While they obviously left sympathy for their customers, it is obvious that they were unhappy with their current situation.

This brings me to something that I am seeing around the world. Obviously corporations bottom line is making sure the revenue streams stay consistent. At times this could mean cutting back on quality service or products. This is displayed by lack of experienced employees who haven't had the best training and were just thrown to the fire. When this happens, there are certain practices of courtesy that most businesses need in order to survive. With the COVID pandemic that hit the world last year. Many companies were forced to lay off people who were potentially long standing employees of a company. Unfortunately, either the companies were going to go out of business or make a decision in what they felt was the best for their company.

During the pandemic, many were able to file for unemployment and found out that they were actually able to make more money with unemployment than with their job in which many possibly had for years. My question is why is this and are companies willing to meet with representatives to discuss making things better for potential employees? There are simply things that are expected from employees like being on time, having a great attitude and paying attention to detail. Many are hard working employees who for some companies don't even have insurance or stake in the company. There are many who are over worked and fully stressed out but are still being expected to deliver regardless of the circumstances. Sure any business can continue, but at what cost without reliable employees to help keep things together. Most companies are looking for people who will treat their jobs like it's their own. Someone who is going to be invested almost around the clock to ensure great service and results for the companies.

However, are they compensated for what is expected of them? This has been the issue on why many of these businesses are losing their employees for either better opportunities or they are becoming entrepreneurs and creating their own businesses. There needs to be some type of change if companies are looking to retain great workers. Some of these things may include compensating their workers on experience and for what they bring to the table. I even recommend counseling as many deal with anxieties and stress due to high demand jobs. Can we look at recommended PTO where the employees don't feel as overwhelmed due to the work restraints? Unfortunately many work hard to take time off, only to work just as hard when they return.

We all need each other. Businesses can't make it without loyal customers, and having quality employees is the bridge between the two. I have gone to several establishments and been greeted by some of the best personalities in the world. So much so that even if the food wasn't the best the first time around. I loved the way they treated me and tried something else off of the menu. If we truly want the world to get back to the way it was. We have to realize that employees need to be treated fair and paid accordingly. If these things don't change, we are simply spinning in circles with no results.



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