A man named George Hudson proposed Daylight Saving Time in 1895. Nationwide implementation began on April 30, 1916. My question is, do we really need to continue observing this? I guess my reason for asking me this question is because regardless of the time change, nothing changes on my daily routine.

When we fall back, we lose an hour of daylight. Many would say that losing that hour of sleep meant that some companies were losing work time for many outside workers. When we spring forward as we have done this weekend, we get an extra hour of work during the day but lose time when many are trying to rest. When it comes to my personal situation, the time change does nothing for me. I generally try to hit the gym in the morning, home to shower, and then to work. So whether it's dark when I got to the gym or dark when I get off of work, I am good regardless.

There have been many talks about doing away with it, and I am perfectly fine with that. However, I do feel like there are more important things to be focusing our time on at this moment. For the time being, enjoy this extra hour of daylight, b But keep in mind that yours truly is going to be either at work or at the gym, and somewhere in that time, I will be trying to get adjusted to the time.

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