Several rappers have expressed their disdain for 6ix9ine in regards to him cooperating with the federal government in the Nine Trey racketeering trial.

However, Casanova, whom Tekashi mentioned during his testimony in the trial, has a different viewpoint about the embattled rapper. In an interview with Ebro Darden on Apple Music's Beats 1 Radio that was published on Monday (Oct. 14), the Brooklyn rapper, who once beefed with Tekashi before squashing it in Spring 2018, expressed no ill will toward the rainbow-haired rapper.

"When you in the feds, and you go left, you gotta tell them everything you ever did in your life that's a crime. That's called a debriefing. They debriefed him," he said. "I don't care what he did, or what he [tends] to do. He can't tell on me because the whole world knows what happened to us. I'm not gonna kick him when he's down, because everybody in this fucking industry left me for dead. They was fucking with him. Everybody."

Casanova adds that he wishes 6ix9ine the best and he's not going to be worried about him.

"I wish him the best," Cas says. "I wish everybody the best. I'm in my zone, I'm speaking about my scars, he's gonna have to speak about his."

Casanova and 6ix9ine had a serious rap feud months before Tekashi was arrested on federal racketeering charges. Their beef was so intense that police believe 6ix's crew might have been involved in a shooting that took place at Cas' video shoot.

But thankfully, 6ix9ine and Cas struck a truce before 6ix9ine's world began to unravel. Casanova is probably the only person not saying anything overwhelmingly negative about Tekashi at this point.

You can listen to Casanova talk about 6ix9ine with Ebro Darden below. Fast forward to the 16-minute mark.

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