Social media star Shiggy became a viral sensation after helping popularize Drake's "In My Feelings" by sparking the "In My Feelings" Challenge. Now, he's 'bout his paper. At a recent Fabolous show, the Brooklyn rapper and Casanova called out Shiggy for requesting compensation to do promo. Now, fans are coming to Shigg's defense.

The encounter occurred backstage at Loso's Black Friday Pull Up event and played out on Fab's Instagram Live with the video surfacing on Tuesday (Dec. 3). Fab, first notified the person holding his phone not to put Shiggy on camera because he would charge. That kicked off a whole conversation between Shiggy, Fab and Cas about Shiggy wanting compensation for promo.

"You getting too corporate," Cas suggests in the video. "Nah, this the only way I eat. This my job, bro," Shiggy counters.

"I asked Shiggy to do a post for me. He said he needed some money," Fab later revealed to the camera. "I asked him to do a 'Choosy' Challenge. He said I need a check."

From that point, Casanova chimes in. "You ain't do that to Drake," Cas tells Shiggy.

Fans have since come to the internet entertainer's defense.

"Fabolous overgrown ass pressing Shiggy () for a dance in his video is the most Fabolous thing I’ve seen him do," one person wrote on Twitter. "I guarantee you Fab wouldn’t post a product on SM for free. Or perform a free concert. Or most anything for free."

Another person added, "Dam Idk bout this I’m tryna figure it out . He definitely in the right for saying I need a check. The Fabolous thing I feel like he can do cause he right. Fab gave some exposure wayyy before shiggy was anybody crazy. Cassanova prob helped before too. But who knows? Not us ‍♂️."

Even more support for Shiggy rolled in. "I'm sure Shiggy is tired of shuckin & jivin & tbh there's really no point in shuckin & jivin for the 'Choosy' song especially for free. He should be charging Fab for that," someone else opined.

See tweets in support of Shiggy below.

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