Today in Tha Wire, looks like there's trouble in paradise. TMZ reports it's over between Diddy and Cassie, at least for now. The couple reportedly had a major blowup Wednesday that led to police being called to the scene. Word has it, the 29-year old told Diddy she wanted out of the relationship, and let's just say he didn't take it well. A source supposedly close to the couple told TMZ, soon as Cassie dropped the bomb, Diddy snatched her phone and started scrolling through it. He then allegedly hopped out of the car, with phone in-hand, and she left with the driver.

Now reportedly this all went down in Beverly Hills, where the couple shares a 17,000 square foot crib in Holmby Hills. The LA Times reported the Bad Boy mogul purchased the sprawling property right after it was built for roughly $40 mil two years ago. Back on the drama, TMZ learned Diddy met up with Cassie later that night at the house and returned her phone at that time. Meanwhile, it's being reported that prior to his return the singer/actress called her mother, told her about the fight and, for some reason, moms called the law.

It's unclear if the police arrived while the 44-year old music legend was still home or not, but it's being said that the former model had them write-up a domestic incident report before they left. For what? I don't know, because no crime was reported. So that's about that. Hey, we all get in our feelings from time to time, hopefully they could find a way to work it out.

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