I have a few friends in the industry and many who produce and direct movies and sitcoms. I saw this clip last night on actor Michael Beach's Instagram page, and I was intrigued. The show is called Chicago PD and it's been on for years now. Even with several people leaving the show, it has only gotten better and more captivating. My wife watches it religiously, and I have been off and on for the past few seasons. The series has been spearheaded over the past few years from actor and producer, Eriq La Salle. Many know him as the jeri curl guy in the original Coming To America.

He has also taken over the roles in several hit TV shows and has traveled behind the scenes to really make an impact in many upcoming actors' lives. This episode talked about a common topic. It touched on police violence we are seeing daily and the effects it has on the families' lives and how it can really cause a divide amongst fellow officers.

This clip featured an interrogation of several of the accused officer's cohorts. It was intense to say the least, but what really caught my eye was seeing the original shot of this and how it was filmed. Many shows film various parts throughout the day or sometimes days. This actually made me go and watch the episode, and not only was I in awe of what I saw, it also showed how captivating Eriq is as a director and how relevant the episode was to the current state of America.

Check out the crafty behind-the-scenes work and peep the episode that should be on Hulu from March 10.

It was also announced that Eriq Laselle would be leaving the show, as he has been offered other opportunities in the industry. With a forward-thinking mindset and creative work like this, I can see why. I am always fascinated by great work, whether it's on film or behind the scenes.

Kudos to Eriq for a great run with Chicago PD. I am more than excited and interested to know what is coming soon from this talented director.

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