Another Lake Charles business has announced that they are closing permanently. This time it's CC’s Coffee House, a Louisiana-based Community Coffee chain located in the newly constructed storefront at 2285 Country Club Rd. There is a note to customers posted on Facebook and on the front door from the owner, Java Pokes, explaining why to the local coffee shop is closing its doors.


Founder Norman "Cap" Saurage, opened Community Coffee in 1919 in Baton Rouge. He experimented with various coffees, leading to the creation of the iconic Louisiana brand. In 1995, the first CC's Coffee House (CC stands for Community Coffee) opened its doors in New Orleans.

Since then the coffee house has opened multiple locations throughout the state including here in Lake Charles. Sadly, in recent years the Country Club location has struggled to keep afloat. Pokes explained a combination of factors like the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 hurricanes, and West Prien Lake/Iles road construction are reasons for the closure.

This is the second heartbreaking business closure this month, at the same location! The 2825 Country Club business strip also used to house Boombox Ice Cream. Shockingly the owners of the beloved 80s music-themed ice cream shop announced they were closing permanently at the end of the year. Owner Nick Villaume cited many of the same reasons for having to make the agonizing decision to close.

The local favorite survived the COVID pandemic and Hurricane Laura by moving temporarily to Baton Rouge thanks to help from the LSU Ag Center. In late 2020 they also relocated from downtown Lake Charles to Country Club Rd. The message to customers also noted making matters worse was the construction on West Prien Lake/Ihles Rd. Like CC's Coffee, Boombox counted on the heavy traffic from the roadway for a steady flow of foot traffic and new customers.

The City of Lake Charles announced major construction would begin on August 31 from the Cove Lane Roundabout to the intersection of West Prien Lake and Ihles Road. The project includes major drainage, and sewage work, widening the roadway and adding sidewalks. Construction according to the city police jury should end, weather permitting, sometime in December.

Boombox opened in Lake Charles in 2014, offering the SWLA community a unique way to experience more than 80 flavorful pop cycles and ice cream treats. Now it is gone. If you were thinking of going by to grab one more frozen delight memorable ice cream shop, it's unfortunately too late. As of Friday, November 25, 2022, Boombox Ice Cream officially closed for good. According to a member of the Boombox family they sold out of inventory sooner than expected.

Nick Villaume is looking for potential buyers and hoping to lease their space in the Country Club storefront as well. Details on how to contact the owner, Villaume, are currently posted on Facebook. I know I speak for most of SWLA when I say, both businesses will be greatly missed.

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