CeeLo Green discusses the Dungeon Family Reunion, paying homage to certain rappers, and if Andre 3000 was dissing Drake on Frank Ocean’s “Solo (Reprise)” from his latest album Blonde.

The "Goodie Mob” member spoke with 3 Stacks about “Solo (Reprise),” and was informed that his verse to Ocean’s song was written well before the ghost writing scandal that prompted a war of words between Drake and Meek Mill in 2015.

Green told Sway, “Stack’s killing them right now. I was telling him on the phone yesterday. I said, you spazzed on that Frank Ocean verse, but he was telling me he had did that verse like 2 years ago,” said CeeLo. He also went on to say in regards to the verse being aimed at Drake, “I can confirm that it’s not, but it’s good for Hip Hop.”

CeeLo Green also discussed how his success as a singer severed ties with many of his fans who had grown to love him as a rapper, saying, “...it was too commercial, there was a disconnect there.” Find out what else the veteran artist had to say in the interview above.

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