Charlamagne The God is the man when it comes to radio. But he also gets alot of flack from some of the things he says on radio and some of the people that he associates with. Recently he got on Twitter and expressed his concerns of a platform where African American women can cover important news stories and events affecting the world. The only problem is that he used Tomi Lahren in the same sentence.

The social media world when wild and Charlamagne was getting hit from all walks of life from various outspoken people. Alot of them had issues with some of the things that he said and some offered that there are forums available on stream that offers what he is discussing. So with that in mind, he took it upon himself to take the title of Donkey Of The Day. Check out the clip below.

Charlamagne The God Gives himself Donkey Of The Day:

I have to commend Charlamagne for doing this and I am sure that he is in a very compromising position everyday. There are no ways to know if you will tick someone off or make someone happy. We do need more open dialogue with people of all races and hear them and allow them to listen to us as well. Be On the lookout for an upcoming interview with The Daily Show host Trevor Noah.

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