Most people don’t know this about me (Big Boy Chill), though I love being a Dj, my first love has always been song writing, and producing. I’ve been moving behind the scenes for several years working closely with several rappers and singers throughout Louisiana, and Texas.

Several years ago I planned to start a group called "the Marauders," but had no direction of how or when it would happen; who would be in the group; or if it would have any success at all. The entire premise of the group was that it isn’t about who the members are, but it’s simply about the music. It doesn’t matter if we produce original material, or if it’s just a remix, the focus is always about the music. At the persistence of my brother (D3VIN), and several of my closet friends who are also members, we launched "the Marauders.”

Check out three of "The Marauders” latest remixes via my personal SoundCloud: ILoveMakonnen “Tuesday,” The Dream’s “That’s My S**t,” and Shae Williams “Ready.”  Two of the remixes have already collectively garnered over 5,000 streams in the past two months. None of the songs are downloadable because we do not own the rights. Just enjoy the stream and look out for more remixes to come!

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