I am what would be considered a Hip Hop DJ and real with the skills on the turntable. While I feel that I am pretty good, there are some out there who  I would love to be in the presence of. One of my idols I got to meet was Grandmaster Flash from back in the day. There is another one who I haven't met and his name is DJ Jazzy Jeff! Check out some of his best sets while out on the road!

DJ Jazzy Jeff Live With The Roots On Stage:


Jam Master Jay Tribute featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premier, DJ Kid Capri and Grandmaster Flash:


DJ Jazzy Jeff with DJ AM In New Orleans:


DJ Jazzy Jeff Boiler Room Set:

I am truly looking for the opportunity to meet this guy and really have a one on one with him. You have to respect the dj for the craft and all that they bring to the table. Although he became a household name as Jazz on 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-air'. He was always one who displayed the best in dj instrumentation on the ones and twos. Much respect to the real dj's out there who know what it is to rock a crowd and leave them in a daze!