On Friday, December 30, rapper Skillz delivered his annual “Rap Up” for 2016, over Young M.A.’s “Summer Story” instrumental.

The Virginia bred rapper covers everything from El Chapo being captured, the Zeka Virus, the credit/debit card chip, Kobe Bryant retiring, the Damn Daniel challenge, Kanye West's debt woes, Jay Z and Beyonce’s alleged marital issues, Donald Trump building a wall, black men being shot by cops, killer clowns, the Samsung Galaxy issues, Kanye loosing his mind, the Dallas Cowboys winning season, the Mannequin Challenge, Hillary Clinton, and much more!

Skillz began his “Rap Up” in 2002, and he’s been going strong since. Even touring the world with Dj Jazzy Jeff, and becoming a well traveled DJ himself.

Check out “Rap Up 2016” below.


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