Cheerios took alot of flack last year for introducing us to a cute little girl who was so concerned with her dads health that she poured a box of Cheerios on his chest. Unfortunatly there were alot of critics and normal everyday people who didn't like that kind of representation. It got so bad that Cheerios had to lock the comments on the you tube video because of negative comments! They have return with a new commercial and some exciting news as well!

Cheerios Superbowl Ad:

Well Gracie is on the way and what a great commercial. There is a sad day in the world when folks can't look past race. We are all one and should be able to not take things so serious, the world we live in should allow every one to be equal. Major Kudos to the General Mills company for sticking to their guns and displaying creative art in a world or some very insecure and very close minded people.