Cheerios has come under fire because some folks are in an uproar about a biracial family in their latest commercial. While some folks are stuck in the 15th century, we have totally evolved and some of those folks need to evolve with the times. Check out the commercial and if you're like me wonder..what's the problem?

Cheerios Commercial Under Fire:


Instead of seeing that the commercial features a young girl telling her mom that her dad said that Cheerios is good for the heart, and later finding the Cheerios spread out over her dad's chest. There is a message in the commercial , but it's a shame that some folks didn't see that. There is no color on love and I commend Cheerios for actually standing behind their decision and not backing down because of a little flack. This is not the first time that there have been biracial representation and it will not be the last in public or television!