Today in Tha Wire, it's a sad day for NBA great Chris Bosh. His mother, Frieda Bosh, was arrested in Desoto, Texas after police did a drug raid at her home. I wish that was all to the story, but apparently it's not. The New York Post reports, Ms. Bosh was also exploiting a disabled tenant that was living with her, and allegedly running a drug ring out of her home. This is crazy!

According to reports Chris bought the home for his mother several years ago, and it's  situated in an affluent neighborhood, across the street from the Thorntree Country Club. Authorities reportedly raided the home on Dec. 8, after conducting surveillance and gathering evidence on the drug operation going on inside the crib. Police say marijuana, cocaine and heroin were among the drugs allegedly being peddled from the house. In addition, police discovered that Ms. Bosh and another tenant named, Jonathan Brown, were allowing a disabled man to live in the house.

Authorities report the man had to give a large portion of his disability check to Bosh and Brown to pay rent. It's also being reported that they were allegedly forcing the poor man to help deal the drugs. Police allege Ms. Bosh is an addict, and was allowing Brown to sell drugs out of her home, in return for free drugs.

TMZ spoke to Frieda Bosh, and Chris's brother, she tells them that Chris is trying to evict her from the house she helped him build. The two have not spoken for quite a while. Ms. Bosh says she took on tenants, while the eviction is taking process and she had nothing to do with any drug activity. Peep the interview below.

Authorities are saying Bosh's mom and Brown were arrested on Tuesday December 19, 2017. So far both have been charged with exploitation of a the disabled. Meanwhile since the arrests, Ms. Bosh has posted bond, while Brown remains in custody at the Tarrant County Jail.

It's an unfortunate situation, and we wish Chris, his mother and family the very best. As more info is made available on this story, we will drop you the details. In the meantime, tune in for the latest entertainment news every weekday and only on The People's Station 107 Jamz.



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