Chris Brown has reportedly gotten hit with the type of accusation no one could see coming.

According to a report TMZ published today (May 7), a woman from Texas claims the singer put a voodoo curse on her pre-teen son. To deal with the matter, the woman and her son reportedly traveled all the way from Texas to Brown's home in Los Angeles so that she could get him to get rid of the alleged curse.

Police who responded to the scene say the woman brought her son with her to Brown's L.A. home. They told the celebrity gossip site that the woman chucked a Bible onto the singer's lawn and claimed it would help lift the curse on her son. Fortunately, Chris Breezy wasn't home at the time because he was out partying for Desiigner's 22nd birthday party.

Eventually, the police detained the woman and her son. After telling police why she thought the singer cursed her son, the woman was taken in for a mental evaluation while her son was placed in protective custody.

While this is a peculiar incident, visits like this one aren't completely new to Brown. Back in 2015, a naked woman broke into C. Breezy's house and waited for the singer in his bed. She also spray-painted "I Love You" on the kitchen counter and vandalized the singer's silver Rolls-Royce and his black Range Rover by spray-painting "Mrs. Brown" on both cars.

XXL has reached out to Chris Brown's team for comment.

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