While some may disagree, Usher has done a great job of being relevant and being my generation's closest artist to Michael Jackson. I think that Chris Brown is truly one of the next ones close to being mentioned in the same sentence.

He does his thing on stage and really puts on great performances when he is on television. Another reason why I feel like he deserves those accolades is because he is very serious about his music videos, and tells a story with his videos to make them relatable to his audience. He has officially dropped the latest video for Grass ain't Greener that is actually from a new release that should be coming out some time later this year. Check out the clip below.

Chris Brown- "Grass Ain't Greener":

I haven't had the chance to see him live in concert, but I will most definitely check him out if he comes to a city close to home. There is no title for the new album, but I am sure that it is in motion, as he has been dropping mixtapes and more to keep his fans fulfilled.