About 4 years ago I received an email asking would I like to interview Tito Jackson. I had to look at the email a few times as this was the real deal. They were asking me if I wanted to interview Tito Jackson, the older brother of one of the biggest superstars in music Michael Jackson. As soon as I got my composure, I immediately hit reply and yes. The day came for the interview and all I could do was prepare myself. I had already told everyone in the station who was coming through and I believe that they were even more excited than I was.

When Tito pulled up. I went to go and personally greet him myself. I walked him to my studio and I had to take a deep breath. I never got the chance to see Michael Jackson in concert, but obviously, I watched him on television and will never forget the first time I saw him Moonwalk on the 25th Motown Anniversary. Just in case you forgot, check out this classic performance of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. As a matter of fact, this was the first time we would see the infamous Moon Walk.

This was my moment to meet someone who grew up with Michael and really saw this man take over the world musically and all I could do was just say wow. Once we got things settled and talked a little behind the scene. We set the cameras up and went from there and below is the dynamic interview that I did with Mr. Tito Jackson

The reason why I wanted to rehash this moment is that Tito just released a new single and the song is perfect for the world right now. With cameos from everyone from Janet Jackson to Kim Kardashian, the song is called Love One Another and with politics dividing people and race dividing the other. I feel like more than ever, we need something like this. Check out the classy video and listen to the words of the song.

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