Chris Brown was recently hit with a lawsuit by a woman filing under the anonymous name Jane Doe for rapes she alleges occurred at Breezy's home back in February 2017. The 29-year-old's lawyer, Mark Geragos, now says the whole suit holds no merit and is a potential $17 million shakedown.

Geragos told the plaintiff's famed legal rep, Gloria Allred, "to pound sand" after she reportedly demanded $17 million from his client. Speaking with TMZ, Geragos denounced the suit. "There's no case here. Chris is a target and for the last 10 years anybody who comes at him should know they're going to meet the full force of my firm."

TMZ's Harvey Levin pressed Brown's lawyer about the victim ever being at Chris' residence for a party. "If any of that were true it would have been criminally investigated. Obviously, it was and it was rejected. Chris didn't do anything. My investigation shows that none of these allegations are true."

Allred went on to hold a public press conference about her client's lawsuit on Thursday (May 10). She later told TMZ that a retired judge served as a mediator to a meeting which neither Breezy or his lawyer showed up to and found Doe's claims to be "highly credible."

"Be prepared Mark. We have our evidence and all that you appear to have is a statement that you and I mediated which is completely false," Allred said.

The lawsuit's original assertions are quite egregious. The victim claimed that she was forced in a bedroom to perform oral on the embattled artist's friend Lowell Grissom as well as an unnamed menstruating female friend. The victim alleges that Grissom raped her again during the February 2017 night on two separate occasions.

Jane Doe reportedly took herself to local California law enforcement and a rape treatment center and reported the incident to police. Allred called the case "one of the most horrific sexual assault cases" she's seen in her career.

Chris Brown is yet to comment publicly about the lawsuit. Watch his lawyer's statement to TMZ below.

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