Today in Tha Wire, what goes around comes around. Peep the previous posts I put up about Chris Brown and his accuser Baylee Curran. You'll see that this chick is looking pretty thirsty! Entertainment Tonight was able to catch up to the folks at the Miss California Regional Pageant. Turns out, they dethroned her.

On Wednesday this week, they gave ET an official statement saying that Miss Curran has refused to return her crown and sash. Wth?

"Miss Curran has been dethroned as of July this year due to a breach of contract," the statement reads. "Baylee Curran has been asked numerous times to return her crown/sash which she has refused to do. We do not condone the alleged actions of Mr. Brown or his associates, however, Miss Curran has incorrectly identified herself as Miss California Regional."

Isn't that a trip?? I'm sick of this "Let's Get Chris" crap! (I say how I really feel on my Facebook Page.) They did Bobby Brown the same way, when he was married to Whitney Houston. Don't get me wrong, Bobby was a! But they put Whitney on a pedestal and blamed Bobby for the drug addiction that ultimately took the music legend's life. I loved Whitney, just like I love Rihanna. However, just like Bobby, Chris can't catch a break. Everything he does is wrong. Every time he turns around, somebody is suing him.

The good news is Chris Brown is talented and incredibly strong...just like Bobby. He's not hanging his head, he's keeping his head up and using his gift. Matter of fact, he just dropped a new upbeat single in the wake of this week's drama and his recent arrest.

Take a listen to it below. We see you Chris! Know that God has you covered. We wish you the best, thanks for the music, stay positive and don't let them break you.

As far as the charges, the truth is nobody knows what happened. Those who were there are saying Curran is lying and, given her history, I'm inclined to believe them. But to be fair, police are doing an investigation, and I'm sure we will know their findings in the near future. Meanwhile, for more on all things entertainment, listen to Tha Wire every weekday at 12:50pm and 3:50pm, only on The Peoples Station 107 Jamz.

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