Let's paint the scenario before you watch the video.

You're a manager at a store and a parent walks in with their child on a leash. First off, that's weird. It's a human child, not a dog. I digress. The parent has no control over the child whatsoever, so he's allowed to knock items off the counter, and shout expletives at you with no show of discipline. That's exactly what happened in the video above.

What would you do?


The young boy was out of control and the mother was oblivious to what was going on and more concerned about why she was being asked to leave. Personally, I think the manager handled it quite well. If you can't respect the establishment or the other customers, you need to leave. It's that simple. He also banned her from the store.

I worked for Market Basket for several years prior to my career in radio, and often I ran into disrespectful and unruly customers. Some of those customers were also banned, but it was never a situation like this. Hat's off to the manager for keeping his cool and simply asking her to leave.

Again, how would you have handled it? Sound off in the comments.

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