Chris Brown and Tyga have teamed up to release a new track called 'Ayo,' which fans have been eagerly awaiting since the collaboration was first announced. 'Ayo' serves as the lead single off their upcoming joint effort 'Fan of a Fan 2' album. According to, the album was supposed to have dropped back in 2012, so it's been a pretty long wait for fans.

'Ayo' has an insanely catchy hook, sung by Chris, that leads into Tyga's rapping. The song is pretty much about a guy wanting, uh, relations, with a lady and nothing more. It's like Tinder in song form. The lyrics themselves are fairly explicit, but here's a safe snippet: "Looking in the mirror like I wish I could be me / She too into me, I'm more into money." You can take a listen to the rest of the NSFW song above.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for this collaboration? Have you been looking forward to it? Are you planning on going to Chris and Tyga's provocatively titled Between the Sheets' Tour? Let us know!

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