When you talk about someone who has caught the flack and the bad side of the entertainment world. There is no one who is being more scrutinized lately then Chrisette Michele. I have long been a fan of her music and while I wasn't a fan of her decision, she's a great artist and will continue to make great music which I am looking forward to.

She talked with The Breakfast Club and shared her intentions of performing for one of Donald Trumps events. Everyone knows when it comes to The Breakfast Club, they are going to grill you and get all of the questions answered that we want to know. This is one of the best interviews I have seen with Chrisette and I believe will give you a different look of her if you felt slighted.

Chrisette Michele Talks To The Breakfast Club:

Regardless of how you feel about her, you need to look at this as a move that she felt needed to be taken. Of course when things like this happens, it's not always a popular decision for all. She released a conscious themed album back in the day called "Let Freedon Reign" that featured Talib Kweli and Black Thought of The Roots, here is one of the videos from the album.


Chrisette Michele- "Let Freedom Reign":

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