There are not alot if any artist who have actually donated 100% of their album proceeds to helping anyone. Definately not those in need in Africa. Well that's exactly what Houston based rapper Bizzle is doing with the release of his new album. His upcoming album will be released this month and he is donating all proceeds to providing water wells for clean water for those in need in Africa. Check out the video.

I totally commend this artist for taking the initiative to step out on faith and show that if you give, you will receive in return. Maybe this will open the door for other artist to take note and realize that the things we take for granted are a dire necessity for others. Check out some of his music for his previous albums and for more details hit up Bizzles website.

Bizzle- "Options":

Bizzle -"Better Way":

Bizzle- The Christian Rapper (Ether) "Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Kanye West Diss"